Our company PORŠ, Ltd, is one of the leading producers of constructions, cranes, cran runways, pulley blocks, parking platforms, garage gates, roller blinds and special hydraulic devices. The production plan of our company is concerned with specific technical, size and functional requirements. We deal with a development, construction, manufacture, installation and service of particular orders. We can provide a fully completed service. Our products meet all the technical, safety and hygienic standards of the EU. Hydraulic scissors lifting platforms are the spaciality of our production plan. These devices solve the problems in transport of anything (persons, cars, goods etc.) by very original, economical and space saving way. They can be used in industrial departments, administrative buildings, residences, stores, garages, ports etc. The other significant products are cranes and crane runways. These devices were developed by our own production using the most modern technology . PORŠ, Ltd, projects and produces cranes with the loading capacity from 250 kg to 50 000 kg. We provide guarantee for all our products, service within guarantee period and post guarantee period service as well. We carry out development, production, delivery and installation of steel constructions of elevator wells, buildings and assembly halls. We were the subcontractors of many orders in Europe, South America and Arabia. PORŠ, Ltd, has the seat in Praha 4 , Kunratice, where the factory building is located as well. In 1997 we started the operation in an assembly hall in Nová Ves by Liberec. PORŠ, Ltd, has got about 45 employees. It has got the own projection department, installation and building centres. We are a fast developing company , which got a firm position at a Czech market in a short time.

The Factory in Nová Ves by Liberec

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